Covid Travel Regulations for Belgium
Brussels Belgium

This information is valid as of September 27, 2021.  Follow the links below to get up-to-date information from the Belgian government.


Covid-19 Vaccine TravelFirst, get your vaccination!  We require a vaccination for our tours.  Why, you ask?  Most countries require a vaccine for entry for U.S. citizens, and even if a country will accept a visitor with only a negative Covid test, regulations are changing so quickly that an unvaccinated travel may be subject to quarantine.  We don’t want you stuck in an airport hotel for the duration of your dream trip!

Belgium Covid-19 Travel RequirementsAs of September 27, 2021, Belgium requires a vaccination for U.S. citizens to enter as a tourist.  You may be able to gain entry without a vaccine, but you will be required to quarantine for up to a week and take at least 2 PCR tests.  So, let’s not even think about that!  We have races to run, chocolate to eat and beer to drink!

Within 48 hours of arriving in Belgium, you need to complete the Passenger Locator Form in which you attest that you are completely vaccinated and provide information about your location in Belgium.  (We will give you all the hotel information you need!)

Follow this link to learn about the current Covid regulations and requirements for travel to Belgium.


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