My 5 Favorite Foods in Belgium

I love Belgium!  The people are friendly and it seems like everyone runs or cycles.  On my morning runs I get lots waves, nods and “Goedemorgen!” (“Good morning!”)

Belgium isn’t necessarily known for it’s food, but it should be!  Here are some of my favorite dishes:

  • Stoofvlees - Carbonade FlamandeStoofvlees (also known as Carbonade flamande / Vlaamse karbonade).  Flemish stew is my favorite dish!  It’s stewed meat, cooked in beer and it has a slightly sweet-sour flavor.  It’s hearty and cozy, especially in the fall.  Often, it’s served with another of my favorites – Stoemp.
  • Belgian StoempStoemp. This is such a simple dish, but so tasty!  It’s mashed potatoes mixed with a seasonal vegetable.  Often it’s carrots, leeks, peas, cabbage or spinach.  Again, it’s filling and warm for a cool fall night.
  • Moules frites - musselsMussels / Moules-frites. If you are fan of mussels, you MUST get this in Belgium – it’s the national dish!  You’ll likely have a few options on the menu of different flavors, but for me it’s the traditional white wine with parsley & butter.
  • Belgian Fries - fritesBelgian fries / frites. I can’t get enough of the frites! Whether it’s with stoofvlees or mussels or just in a “cone” from a road-side stand, the fries are a must.  And, NO KETCHUP!  You have to try them with mayonnaise like the Belgians – so good!
  • Cheese CroquettesCroquettes (cheese or shrimp). I’m partial to the cheese (because I’m a cheese-aholic).  Grab a Belgian beer and some croquettes – it’s a perfect afternoon snack or happy hour appetizer.  Crispy on the outside and hot, gooey, cheesy inside.  YUM!

Yes, I know I forgot chocolate! (Some of the best in the world is from Belgium.) But, my wife, Jessica, has a whole post about finding the best chocolate in Belgium. Stay tuned!

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