Israel was not even on our radar. We were invited by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism to experience all that Israel has to offer for adventure tourism. It sounded pretty exciting and we were interested to check it out. Everyone we spoke to who had been to Israel gushed about how much they loved it. We watched one documentary on the Israeli food scene and were sold on the food for sure!

But then we went on the trip and our minds were blown about everything. We loved Israel! While we’ve been focusing on Europe, we can’t help but add an itinerary for Israel.

The specific details of the Israel tour are still in the works – stay tuned! It’s hard to narrow down all the amazing options that Israel has to offer. Of course, there are all of the religious sites that no doubt beckon people to visit. The complete flip side of the traditional air of Jerusalem is Tel Aviv which has such an urban and modern vibe. The beaches are amazing, the city offers so much history, and the food scene is a journey for your taste buds alone.

There are marathons and half marathons in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and Eilat – the southern most tip of Israel along the Red Sea. But in addition to all of these truly amazing destinations for a race, the southern part of Israel offers a plethora of adventure activities – biking, hiking, floating in the Dead Sea, rappelling, Jeep Tours, off-roading and so much more. Southern Israel is desert, but what it has to offer is shocking. There is so much agriculture in a landscape that looks almost devoid of life. They grow amazing dates, peppers and even make wine. We enjoyed an action packed 7 day trip with all of these things and more, but we can’t share it all as we need to leave room for some surprises!

And thank goodness for all of the activity because I have never enjoyed any one cuisine more than Israeli cuisine. But, it truly is quite healthy, so you can enjoy to your heart’s content. The vegetables, all the vegetables were so tasty, the unique cheeses, the bedouin meals and all the dates. So many dates. You have never seen a breakfast like Israel has to offer either.

While we could continue to gush about our impressions and new found love of Israel, we are putting that energy into creating an amazing adventure for you in Israel. In a land where history and religious traditions meet modernity, where the beauty of the desert contradicts that of the city and the beaches, and where you can combine adventure with unique races and truly mind blowing food, Israel will absolutely blow you away and we guarantee you’ll enjoy every moment and cherish every memory. A travel adventure like you’ve never had awaits!

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