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Why Take a Running Vacation?

Running vacations combine our two favorite things – running and travel!

The commitment to exercise and a healthy lifestyle while traveling balances (and let’s be honest, justifies) the complete and joyful commitment to indulging! This was our initial motivation when we began to run while traveling. It became apparent quickly though that there was another even more important benefit; it turned out to be the best way to get to know a place! Early morning runs, watching a city wake up. Connecting with locals about their favorite routes. Discovering neighborhoods to return to later. All of it because we decided to run (and we really wanted that second pastry!).

Our races are not small by any means – some have 15,000 or more runners.  But, we choose our running events to give you a feel of the local community.  The “Majors” are great, but there are often more travelers than locals.  We love to feel a part of the local running community, and we think you will love that as well!

After your marathon or half marathon, your running getaway can take a backseat to all the amazing sights, sounds and tastes of the city.  Or, you can get out there every morning and join the local runners training around your favorite European city.  We give you time every morning for a run, and we can guide you to the best running routes around your favorite European city.  Or, you can relax after your big race and give your legs a rest.

After your successful run, we focus on creating the best vacation you can image (or, maybe even beyond your imagination!)  You deserve to be pampered after your race, so we stay at 4- and 5-star hotels, we arrange private tour guides for you so you can see all the top sights (and the best hidden gems).  We always reward ourselves after the run with a special “curated experience.” This is something that the vast majority of tourists never get to see! These experiences are usually a culinary delight (because, we deserve it!) Some examples are:

  • A wine paring dinner in the caves beneath a Parisian wine bar.
  • A chocolate making (and tasting!) class in Switzerland.
  • A private beer tour in Belgium where we are lucky enough to taste the #1 beer in the world.
  • And, many more once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

If you are runner and you love a getaway to travel & see the world, a Finish Line Travel running vacation is made for you!  Check out our running vacations here.