We are thrilled to have our amazing Great Breweries Marathon & 25k tour to offer you!  (May 10 – 17, 2019 – click here to learn more.)

antwerp belgium squareWe firmly believe that Belgium is underrated. Beer, chocolate, fries and waffles alone are a good enough draw. And a great reason to burn off some calories at the beginning of your trip! But seriously, Belgium is fantastic. The Belgian architecture is so unique and detailed and the Belgian’s are full of pride to share their country with you.

You will get to experience the city of Antwerp before and after the race and this city has so much to offer. It has an amazing history of being a port city for commerce and for those departing from Europe in and around WWII. Not to mention it has an amazing shopping and fashion community, being home to one of the oldest fashion academies and most renown fashion colleges. There are other things to do if shopping isn’t your thing…check out the many amazing pubs, visit the cathedral, tour the Ruebens house & museum if you are interested in art. The, list truly goes on and on.

Great Breweries Marathon 2017
Great Breweries Marathon 2017

But the race… the Belgians know how to enjoy their brews. The race runs through three top breweries in Belgium. And it finishes at one of those breweries where the celebration commences after the race. Tee shirt… check. Medal… check. “To go” box of a beer from each of those breweries… check. Three complimentary beers in, of course, the correct Belgian glass… check. So much fun and an amazing experience…. definitely, check! (Oh yeah, and there’s loads of fries & waffles post race as well.)

Bruges Canal and TowerThen we visit Bruges, quite possibly the quaintest town you’ve ever seen complete with more beer, more chocolate & canals everywhere with more amazing architecture. Nothing of Bruges has changed since at least the 1500s. So you can imagine how unique it must be. On top of all of that, you will visit the monastery where they make the best beer in the world!

Run your heart out and then enjoy the laid back culture (despite all the things to do!) that Belgium has to offer!

Book this once in a lifetime experience and come run with us!

Questions? We’d love to answer all of them. Feel free to call or message us.  Call Jessica at 970-445-0968 or Dan at 970-368-2326.

Check out the itinerary of this tour and get the specifics of all of the amazing experiences you will have.  Or, watch our video chat about the Great Breweries Marathon & 25k Tour.

Our running tour runs from June 1 – 5, 2018 or June 1 – 7, 2018.  We will be staying in Bruges, Belgium, the quintessential medieval town.  Bruges is one of our favorite European towns!  It’s brimming with quiet cobblestone lanes, romantic canals, grand market squares and soaring towers, this Unesco World Heritage site has another photo opportunity around every corner.

We think Belgium is one of the underrated and overlooked destinations in Europe.  The people are friendly, the art, history, and beautiful architecture are plentiful, and the food and drink are amazing!  Some specialties we will have the opportunity to enjoy are mussels, Belgian waffles, the “to die for” chocolate, “Belgian fries” (not “French fries!”), and the world-class beers.

The race is definitely a unique one!  We will run through three of Belgium’s top breweries and the idyllic Belgian countryside.  After the run, we will get a taste of all those amazing beers!  (Or, if you walk the route, you can taste along the way!)

In addition to beer, Belgium is home to some of the best chocolate in the world.  In our private chocolate tour, we will nibble our way through Brussels’ chocolate boutiques and wander past some of Brussels top sights.

Finally, we will all have time to slow down and enjoy all that Bruges & Belgium has to offer!

Get the full running tour details and itinerary for the Great Breweries Marathon & 25k!