Why am I awake at 5:30 am on a Saturday?!?

We are in the midst of writing an ebook giving you all the tips and hacks to have the perfect destination race or runcation.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome with a destination race is jet lag. Some scientists say that our bodies can only cope with one hour of time change per day. That means if we are flying from Denver to Paris, we will need more than a week to fully adjust! A vacation may be over by then!

So, one school of thought is that we should start adjusting to the new time zone before we leave our home.

As your dedicated guinea pig, I am adjusting my bedtime and morning alarm by 30 minutes every day until we depart for Europe! By Tuesday, that dreaded alarm will be sounding at 4 am… Ugh! But, that means my biological clock will only be about four hours off of Europe time, rather than eight.

I will report back with the verdict – until then, more coffee!