We’re Not Going Anywhere (and we mean that in a good way)

Nope, we’re not going anywhere.  Nope, we’re not happy about our suitcases collecting dust.  But…we will get back to traveling and that’s what we’re here to share!

First of all, we are still here.  Finish Line Travel is not going anywhere.   We’re just not going anywhere in 2020.  We’ve decided that since things are still questionable, we’re just going to put all of our focus into a spectacular 2021 for you.  We are still passionate about travel and running.  And we are just as passionate about bringing the combination of these two together for you in the form of the most unique experience.  Your patience in 2020 will be rewarded with the most memorable of experiences in 2021.  So, all of our 2021 tour itineraries are up on the website.  Plus, we are offering a no risk option for booking your 2021 travel.  There is an early bird special for each tour with a reduced down payment of only $49 and it’s fully refundable until January 1, 2021.

paris cheese board and wine

Give yourself something to look forward to and peruse all of the tours we have available.  We have been reminiscing about our past travels and while we’d love to be traveling right now, the good memories are keeping us going while we ever so (un)patiently wait for normal operating procedures to return.  Think of what fills you up (besides a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe in Paris or one of many beers in a Belgian bar).  Is it running along the Seine and seeing so many bucket list sights in one run, running through some of the top breweries in Belgium with a great post race party or having the Swiss Alps as your backdrop for your race?  We say “yes, please” to all of these!  But check out the itineraries for the full details for your travel dreaming.

Great Breweries Marathon Finisher


To help bring your dreams to life, we are starting a series of virtual tours, so you can hear directly from us and our European guides and partners about our various tours.  These virtual tours are starting next week!

Stay tuned for more virtual tours via our Facebook page or website.

Stop just dreaming about racing and traveling again and start planning.

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Jessica Bergan
Hi, I’m Jessica! I hated running when I was younger but got into it as an adult. When we moved to Colorado running got swapped for hiking and skiing and the thought of running at a high altitude sounded brutal. At the suggestion of my trainer, I added running to my other mountain activities and have ended up enjoying it very much…even at this high altitude! It’s been a great addition to my exercise routine especially when we travel. It doesn’t require much gear and I’ve discovered that running is a great way to explore a new destination and burn off some extra calories as well.